SPIRITON – Dwell into the Vedic Heritage

India is always known as the seat of spirituality on the world map. It is famously knownd as “Yoga Bhoomi”. Our land boasts of a rich and vast vedic heritage. Our vedic scriptures contain information on every subject ranging from Astronomy, Astrology to even medical surgeries and so on. We at Melukote Nandagokula Temple Trust realized the importance of preserving and propagating this vast heritage. The result was SPIRITON- The Spiritual Reservoir to enrich all souls and make the vedic heritage available to them.

Nanadagokula, situated at the foothills of Dhanushkoti near Hunasethoppu, Melukote is managed by Melukote Nandagokula Temple Trust. On a 4 acre plot, there is a Venugopalaswamy temple, a Goshala housing more than twenty Indian breed cows. Natural farming is practiced here. The temple and all the activities of Nandagokula are as per the principles laid down by ISKCON Founder Acharya – AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad. Festivals are regularly conducted followed with Prasadam distribution to the villages. To reach out and enrich the children of the nearby villages, summer camps are conducted where the curriculum and activities are all vedic based.

SPIRITON is the one stop platform that showcases our immensely rich and vast vedic heritage. There are three major sections on the platform.
• E-Store
• E-Books
• E-Learning

E-Store: Our rich heritage is a collection of various traditional and vedic based products all across our country. We have curated traditional products from all walks with the sole idea of reaching it out to many and to ensure the heritage and traditionality is preserved. We would like to encourage more of these cottage industries and would like to promote them to flourish and thus generate employment in their home towns itself. We are ever adding more of such traditional products to benefit all. To begin with we have products from various Goshalas – Gou related products, Khadi products and other natural products from cottage industries. The products can be purchased online in just a few simple steps. The traditional and heritage product would then be shipped across.