Suraadhyakshah – He is the Lord of the Devas

Lokapaalaadi Suraanaam Adhyakshah Suraadhyakshah – He is the controller of the Devas/Demi-gods who execute various functions as per their portfolio. They represent the functioning of the various natural elements in the worlds. For example Varuna Deva provides water, Agni Deva is in-charge of providing fire, Vayu Deva controls the air supply etc.  The Supreme Lord Sri Krishna is the presiding power over all these Devas or the Demi-gods.

 If and when a Deva/Demi-god swerves from their path then the Lord takes over and ensures that the violation is set right. This leads to Him performing a LeelaPastime like the time when Indra got angry with the residents of Gokula and showed his anger by fierce thunder and lightening with continuous rain for seven days and night. Little Krishna then lifted the Goverdhan Hill on His little left finger and held it like an umbrella to protects the Gokula residents. By this Leela, the Lord brought down Indra’s arrogance and thus as the Supreme controller, set right the wrong done by Indra. This is the very famous Goverdhan Lila.

pitā gurus tvaṁ jagatām adhīśo duratyayaḥ kāla upātta-daṇḍaḥ
hitāya cecchā-tanubhiḥ samīhase mānaṁ vidhunvan jagad-īśa-māninām (SB 10.27.6)

You are the father and spiritual master of this entire universe, and also its supreme controller. You are insurmountable time, imposing punishment upon the sinful for their own benefit. Indeed, in Your various incarnations, selected by Your own free will, You act decisively to remove the false pride of those who presume themselves masters of this world.

ye mad-vidhājñā jagad-īśa-māninas tvāṁ vīkṣya kāle ’bhayam āśu tan-madam
hitvārya-mārgaṁ prabhajanty apasmayā īhā khalānām api te ’nuśāsanam (SB 10.27.7)

Even fools like me, who proudly think themselves universal lords, quickly give up their conceit and directly take to the path of the spiritually progressive when they see You are fearless even in the face of time. Thus You punish the mischievous only to instruct them.

It is said, “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” That is a fact, and it is actually the Lord’s mercy that He takes the trouble to rectify our misbehavior, although faithless persons criticize the Lord’s fatherly vigilance.

sva-prestha-hastambuja-saukumarya-sukhanubhuter ati-bhumi-vrtteh
mahendra-vajrahatim apy ajanam govardhano me dishatam abhistam (Goverdhanshtakam, 2)

As it was held above the earth it became so filled with happiness by experiencing the softness of its beloved Krishna’s lotus hand it did not even know it was being struck by Indra’s thunderbolt. May Govardhana Hill fulfill my desire.

 This ashtakam was composed by Srila Vishvanatha Chakravarthi Thakura, one of the acharyas in the Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya. Devotees sing Govardhanashtaka while an arati is performed to Govardhana Hill on the day of Govardhana-puja.

Lets chant the Holy Name of the Lord of the Devas/Devatas/Demi-gods and seek to direct all our prayers towards Him. We can understand that the Supreme controller is Lord Sri Krishna. Our prayers should be directed to Him primarily and all offerings should be for His pleasure. Even if one prays to innumerable Devatas/Demi-gods, it is the Supreme Lord Himself who can grant all our desires and wishes. He ofcourse grants those which are actually good for us. Just as the Lord controls the Devatas and also shows them the true path by correcting their mistakes, may we be guided by Him always in the right path to perform all our duties for His pleasure only.

Nama 136 – VishnuSahasranama

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