Vashatkara: One who controls and directs

Vashatkara is the mantra through which oblations are offered to the Lord during the sacrifices. This mantra is itself the Supreme Lord, Krishna. He is Yajna Swaroopa. He is also the Yajna Purusha. He is the controller of this entire Universe. Krishna has the entire Universe under His Vasha- control, He has the power to control everyone. He is our internal controller.

mad-bhayad vati vato ‘yam” |”mrtyus carati mad-bhayat” |

“suryas tapati mad-bhayat” |”varsatindro dahaty agnir  (SB 3.25.42)

It is because of My supremacy that the wind blows, out of fear of Me; the sun shines out of fear of Me, and the lord of the clouds, Indra, sends forth showers out of fear of Me. Fire burns out of fear of Me, and death goes about taking its toll out of fear of Me.

Lord Kṛiṣhṇa, says in Bhagavad-gītā that the natural laws being enacted are correct in all activities because of His superintendence.

Lets chant this Holy name and offer our prayers with humility as oblations to the Yajna purusha and seek to be controlledby Him.

Nama 3 – VishnuSahasranama

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