Muktanam Parama Gatih: One who is the ultimate goal for all Souls

The Supreme Lord is the Ultimate Goal for all the Liberated Souls. As an ordinary Jivatma, we all have plenty of desires and we keep chasing them all our life. But one who has realized about Paramatma, simply wants to reach Him and that is their Goal.

Bahoonaam Janmanaamante Gnanavan Maam Prapadyate

Vasudevah sarvam iti sa mahatma sudurlabah  (BG 7.19)

After many births of spiritual practice, one who is endowed with knowledge surrenders unto Me, knowing Me to be all that is. Such a great soul is indeed very rare.

prasaṅgam ajaraṁ pāśam ātmanaḥ kavayo viduḥ

sa eva sādhuṣu kṛto mokṣa-dvāram apāvṛtam (SB 3.25.20)

Every learned man knows very well that attachment for the material is the greatest entanglement of the spirit soul. But that same attachment, when applied to the self-realized devotees, opens the door of liberation.

Chanting the Holy Names, let’s try to first realize about the Supreme Lord and develop attachment for Liberation.

Nama 12 – VishnuSahasranama

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