Purushah: One who existed before anything else, one who completes existence.

Purusha means male and also enjoyer as in this Universe. Each of the Human being may be born as a male in the next birth or could be born in any of the species like animal, birds and so on. However Vedic scriptures clearly reveal that the Supreme Lord remains Himself, so He is the Adi Purusha, the Absolute, the Complete person, He is Purnam. The Purusha Sukta mentions only about Lord Vishnu, clearly indicating who is the only Purusha.

pura saṁjñe ‘smin śarīre vai śayanāt puruṣo hariḥ

yadi vā pūrvaṁevāham iheti puruṣaṁ viduḥ

yadi vā bahu dānād vai viṣṇuḥ puruṣa ucyate

pūrṇatvāt puruṣo viṣṇuḥ purāṇatvāt ca śārṅgiṇaḥ (Padma Purana)

This shloka has several interpretations and brings out the qualities of the Supreme Lord and indicates that He is the Supreme enjoyer and the only Purusha in this Universe. Even the Bramha Samhita clearly mentions that the Supreme Lord is the Adi Purusha – Govindam Adi Purusham.

Chanting the Holy Name, lets bow down to the Adi Purusha and accept our position as His servant.

Nama 14 – VishnuSahasranama

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