Narasimha Vapuh: One who possesses a body of man and lion combined.

Nara-Simha is the half man, half lion. Vapu means body. So,Narasimha Vapu is the person with halfman-half lion body, which is the Narasimha avatara, one of the Dasha Avatars. This is the 4th avatara which the Lord took to protect His young devotee Prahlada. He took this particular form as Hiranyakashipu the twin brother of Hiranyaksha, the most powerful Asura had gotten a boon from Brahmadev where he could not be killed by any weapon, neither during day or night, neigher in the house nor outside neither in air nor on the land and he could not be killed by either a human being or an animal.

The Lord took this Narasimha avatar and killed the asura with his fangs by placing him on His lap while being seated on the threshold.

viṣvak sphurantaṁ grahaṇāturaṁ harir vyālo yathākhuṁ kuliśākṣata-tvacam

dvāry ūrum āpatya dadāra līlayā nakhair yathāhiṁ garuḍo mahā-viṣam (SB 7.8.29)

As a snake captures a mouse or Garuḍa captures a very venomous snake, Lord Nṛsiṁhadeva captured Hiraṇyakaśipu, who could not be pierced even by the thunderbolt of King Indra. As Hiraṇyakaśipu moved his limbs here, there and all around, very much afflicted at being captured, Lord Nṛsiṁhadeva placed the demon on His lap, supporting him with His thighs, and in the doorway of the assembly hall the Lord very easily tore the demon to pieces with the nails of His hand.

vag-isha yasya vadane laksmir yasya cha vakshasi

yasyate hridaye samvit tam nrisimham aham bhaje(10.87.1)

“Lord Nrisimhadeva is always assisted by Sarasvati, the goddess of learning and He is always embracing to His chest the goddess of fortune. The Lord is always complete in knowledge within Himself. Let us offer obeisances unto Nrisimhadeva.”

ugram viram maha-vishnum jvalantam sarvato mukham

nrisimham bhishanam bhadram mrityur mrityum namamy aham (Narasimha Kavacha)

 “I bow down to Lord Narasimha who is ferocious and heroic like Lord Vishnu. He is burning from every side. He is terrific, auspicious and the death of death personified.”

Let us chant the Holy name and pray to this magnificent form of the Lord and seek His blessings to remove all obstacles in our devotional activities and help us progress well.

Nama 21 – VishnuSahasranama

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