Hrshikesah: Controller of the sense-organs

Kṛiṣhṇa’s another name is Hṛṣīkeśa. Hṛṣīkeśa means hṛṣīka īśa. Hṛṣīka means the senses, and īśa, the master. Therefore Kṛiṣhṇa is the master of our senses, everyone’s senses.

sarvopādhi-vinirmuktaṁ tat-paratvena nirmalam

hṛṣīkeṇa hṛṣīkeśa-sevanaṁ bhaktir ucyate (CC Madhya 19.170)

“‘Bhakti, or devotional service, means engaging all our senses in the service of the Lord, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of all the senses. When the spirit soul renders service unto the Supreme, there are two side effects. One is freed from all material designations, and one’s senses are purified simply by being employed in the service of the Lord.’

Because Kṛiṣhṇa is the proprietor of the senses—He is the proprietor of this body—so when this body will be utilized for Kṛiṣhṇa’s service, that is our perfection of life.

Lets chant the Holy Name of the controller of our sense organs, lets seek to keep our sense organs in His control and use them always in His service just like Ambarisha Maharaja.

Nama 47 – VishnuSahasranama

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