Padma-Nabhah: One from whose navel the universe emanates.

Padma means Lotus and Nabhi means navel. Padmanabha means one who has a Lotus in his navel. This Lotus is not an ordinary Lotus, but it is the place from where Brahma creates the material beings.

ajaḥ sṛjati bhūtāni bhūtātmā yad-anugrahāt

dadṛśe yena tad-rūpaṁ nābhi-padma-samudbhavaḥ (SB 2.8.9)

Brahmā, who was not born of a material source but of the lotus flower coming out of the navel abdomen of the Lord, is the creator of all those who are materially born. Of course, by the grace of the Lord, Brahmā was able to see the form of the Lord.

In this material world, when a mother gives birth a child, the baby is connected to the mother by the umblical cord, in mammals. This umblical cord is the means by which the baby receives its nourishment from the mother. Likewise, the lotus from the Lord’s navel shows how this material world or this universe receives its nourishment, protection from the Lord through Brahma.

The Supreme Lord is the reservoir of all the qualities of the living entities. Brahmā is the creator of the three worlds, namely the lower planets, called the Pātālalokas, the middle planets, called the Bhūrlokas, and the upper planets, called the Svarlokas. Still higher planets, such as Maharloka, Tapoloka, Satyaloka and Brahmaloka, do not dissolve in the devastating water. This is because of the causeless devotional service rendered unto the Lord by their inhabitants, whose existence continues up to the end of dvi-parārdha time, when they are generally liberated from the chain of birth and death in the material world.

Lets chant the Holy Name of the topmost creator and realize our umblical connection with Him and seek to be in His devotional service always.

Nama 48 – VishnuSahasranama

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