Tvashta: Finest Artisan

Tvashta is the creator of universe is related to Vishvakarma.

adbhyassambhoota: prthivyai rasAcca | vishvakarmaNassamavartatAdhi |

tasya tvaSHTA vidadhadroopameti | tatpuruSHasya vishvamAjAnamagre || 1 || (Purusha Suktam, Dvitiya Anushtam)

The waters of destruction are again the waters of creation, and from them does the earth reveal itself after praLaya. From these elemental materials is the universe formed, and into these it dissolves. Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust. tvashTA was the smith who forges Indra’s vajra, thunderbolt, from the bones of the RSHi dadeechi. Vishvakarma is the divine architect who planned and built, among other cities, Kubera’s Alakaapuri and also Lanka, and Indra’s city.

The Rig Vedic Verse 10.82 mentions Tvashtar emanating from Vishwakarman but thats not all. There are different layers to this enigmatic god depending on which scriptures you read. The Vedic Tvashtar is described in various hymns as the artist who creates an embryo inside a woman’s womb.

Eha tvashtarmagriyam Vishwaroopamupaya Hraye | Asmakmastu kevalah (Rig Veda Sukta 13, verse 132)

The one who is having various forms and First in worship, Oh Tvashatadeva,you are welcomed in Yagya, Please be only ours.

This verse shows that the finest artist is the Supreme Lord, whose artistic wonders are a marvel.

Lets chant the Holy Name and pledge to use our artistic skills in the service of the finest and the greatest artist always.

Nama 52 – VishnuSahasranama

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