Bhoogarbhah: Protection of the Earth, He who carries the earth within himself

Bhoo means the Earth. Garbha means the womb. Bhoogarbhah means one who has the Earth in his womb, that is to say one who carries or bears the weight of the Earth.

The Lord who is the creator, sustainer and maintainer of everything in this cosmic universe also shoulders the weight of the mother earth. Mother Earth – the mother that she is carries or bears the weight of all the living and non living entities. She bears us through all our faults and yet never compains.

The Ultimate person bearing everyone’s weight in the cosmic Universe is the Supreme Lord. He carries the weight of Mother Earth and He is the only one who can carry her. As Varahaswamy, He lifted Mother Earth with His tusks from the depths of the ocean. He is the only one who can balance Mother Earth on His Tusks without letting her fall off.

The Lord is the only one who could show the entire Cosmic Universe including the Mother Earth in His mouth to His mother – Yashoda. He has the Mother Earth within Himself and so He is known as Bhoogarbah.

Bhuma devi is the consort of theLord. The Lord is very protective of all beings and more so of His consort.

Samudra-Vasane Devi Parvata-Stana-Mannddale |
Vissnnu-Patni Namas-Tubhyam Paada-Sparsham Kssamasva-Me ||

(Oh Mother Earth) O Devi, You Who have the Ocean as Your Garments, and Mountains as Your Bosom,

O Consort of Lord Vishnu, Salutations to You; Please Forgive my Touch of the Feet (on Earth, which is Your Holy Body).

Lets chant the Holy Name of the protector of Mother Earth and seek to remain in His protection always.

Nama 72 – VishnuSahasranama

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