Dhanvi: The wielder of the bow, He who is the supreme archer

The Supreme Lord Krishna is known to wield the bow called Saranga or Kodanda. Since He weilds this bow He has earned the name Sarangapani and in His avatar of Rama, He was known as Kodandapani.

Lord Rama as the glorious archer protected the sages and killed the demons including Ravana.

pavanaḥ pavatām asmi rāmaḥ śastra-bhṛtām aham
jhaṣāṇāṁ makaraś cāsmi srotasām asmi jāhnavī (BG 10.31)

Of purifiers I am the wind, of the wielders of weapons I am Rāma, of fishes I am the shark, and of flowing rivers I am the Ganges.

The Lord is the possessor of five weapons used to slay the evil doers. These are the

Conchshell- Shankha or Panchajanya
Discus – Chakra – Sudharshana
Bow – Dhanush – Saranga
Mace – Gada – Kaumodaki
Sword – Khadga – Nandakam

Ya jjayani nadha sravanath suraanam, Chethamsi nirmuktha bhayani sadhya,
Bhavanthi daithyasani bana varsha, SArngam sadaham, saranam prapadhye, ( Panchayudha 5)

I surrender always to the Sarnga bow of Vishnu, Whose sound heralds victory in the mind of devas,

And whose presence removes the fear from their minds, By reminding of the arrow down pour against Asuras.

Lets chant the Holy Name of the Supreme Archer, weilder of the Divine bow and pray that the arrows from this Divine Bow destroy our innumerable sins and keep us in pure devotional service always.

Nama 77 – VishnuSahasranama

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