Pundarikakshah: One whose eyes are beautiful like the lotus flower.

rajiva netra Pundarikam means lotus flower – ‘Pundarike iva akshini yasya sah’.  Pundarikakshah means One whose eyes are beautiful like the Lotus flower.
This can also be said as One who pervades the hearts of everyone and observes everything – ‘PundarIkam hrtkamalam akshatIti va’.
The Narayana Suktam says ‘Yat Pundareekam Puramadhya samstham – He resides in the interior of the lotus that is Heart.’

SrI Parasara Bhattar gives the meaning to be ‘Vaikuntam’ for the word pundarika based on the following:
puNdarIkam param dhAma nityam aksharam avyayam          |
tadbhavAn pundarIkAkshah ……..                                              ||  (MahaBharata Udyoga Parva – 69.6)

And interprets Pundarikakshah as One who is the eye for the residents of Sri Vaikuntam.
Pundarika is the transcendental world which is eternal, indestructible, and immutable.  You are like the eye to that world and so you are known as pundarIkaksha.
The Lord always showers his grace on his devotees with his merciful eyes, His Divya Kataksham.

Lets chant the Holy Name of the personality with the most merciful eyes and seek to be in His grace always. May the Lord bestow upon us that eyesight with which we can only ee Him and not this material world. The material world appears all too colourful and alluring to us, but by His grace and mercy, we can get that eyesight which only focuses on the Lord and His beauty. Everything in this material world is perishable with time, and even our eyesight diminishes with age, but the Divine or transcendental eyesight can help us see the Lord always. Nama 112 – VishnuSahasranama

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